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Allegan Township
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For Tax Questions contact: treasurer@allegantownship.org

3037 118th Ave. Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269)673-5051
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Welcome to Allegan Township!
 Allegan Township Township Hall
Allegan Township Hall
3037 118th Avenue
Allegan, Michigan 49010
Our goal is to provide you with easy, convenient access to information regarding the processes of your local government and usages of its services.

Office Phone: 269-673-5051

Office Fax: 269-686-2409

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday - 9am - 1 pm

Click here to view the draft 2016 Allegan Township Master Plan

Mission Statement

Allegan Township strives to represent its residents by listening to and meeting their present needs in an effective and timely manner; maintain current infrastructure and promote responsible growth through collaborative regional relationships; and work toward being fiscally responsible for the well-being of this Township and its future generations.
Opportunity to Serve Your Township
Allegan Township is looking for any interested residents, ages 18 and older, male or female, and registered to vote, who would be willing to serve in the following positions:
* Board of Appeals
* Planning Commission
* Board of Review
Board of Appeals is a five member Board meeting on the second Monday of every even month.  This Board must hear and decide on appeals which deviate from the Township's Zoning ordinance.  Its authority can include site plan review, appeal of planned unit development and special land use decisions.  It may also grant variances.
Planning Commission is made up of seven members meeting on the second Monday of every odd month.  Their main function is to provide reasonable restrictions on land use that conform to a comprehensive township development plan and provide for the best interests of the health, safety and general welfare of township citizens and property owners.  This includes keeping the Township Master Plan up-to-date and granting of special use and rezoning requests.
Board of Review is a three member Board.   These members must also be land owners and tax payers.  The Board meets for a half day in both July and December to go over clerical errors and omissions from the tax bills, found by the taxpayers themselves.  In March they meet for three or four days to go over the assessment notice concerns that residents have.
If you have any interest in any of these committees or have further questions regarding them, do not hesitate to contact Supervisor Steve Schulz at 673-5051.  If you would like to also submit a letter letting us know of your interest, we will contact you when an opening arises.

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Click here for an application for an absentee ballot. Please mail or return application to: Allegan Township Clerk, 3037 118th Ave., Allegan, MI 49010.  

General Voting Information

For most residents, voting remains the most direct means of participation in our government.

Check to see if you are registered to vote, see your sample ballot for the upcoming election, track the status of your absentee ballot, verify your voter registration. Click here.

Michigan's Voting Polls are Open 7 AM until 8 PM

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding voting in general:

How do I register to vote?  You may register to vote in person at the township office or at any Secretary of State office.  You may also register by mail, with forms available at www. michigan.gov/sos, however, some restrictions may apply. There is no fee to register.

Who is eligible to vote?  In order to vote you must be:  a citizen of the United States, a resident of the State of Michigan (and will be at least a 30-day resident of your city or township by election day), a registered voter, and 18 years of age on or before election day.

How do I file an absentee ballot?  To vote as an absentee voter, you can fill out and sign an absentee voter application. The application is available on line at https://www.michigan.gov/sos to print out and mail the application. You may request to be put on the permanent AV (Absentee Voter) list. Once on that list, you will receive your application automatically in the mail before each election. For more information about absentee ballots, call the township office (269)673-5051.

Military and Overseas Civilian Voters? Special services are provided to assist ,ilitary and overseas civilian voters to participate in elections. If you are a military or overseas civilian voter who is eligible to vote in Michigan or to find out additional information, please visit https://www.michigan.gov/sos, or https://www.fvap.gov/, or contct us at (269) 673-5051.

If you have any questions, please call the township office at (269)  673-5051, or email clerk@allegantownship.org


For Tax Questions Contact: treasurer@allegantownship.org

3037 118th Ave. Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (269)673-5051

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